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  1. Put the eggs, yoghurt, oat bran, cornflour, baking powder, basil, half of the chicken pieces and spices into a bowl for mixing.
  2. In the meanwhile put the other half of the chicken pieces on a non stick pan (big – it will allow the ‘pizza’ to be nice and flat) to let them crisp a bit.
  3. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and pour it out onto the pan, covering the chicken. Put a lid on the pan and let the mix crisp a bit at the bottom.
  4. When the bottom is done, an the top still a bit liquid,  put tomatoes, mushrooms, capcicum on top then sprinkle with grated hard cheese and sesame seeds.
  5. All of that needs to be put under a grill (I just put the pan under the grill, with the handle sticking out, so there is no worry that the liquid top will spill) and just watch it get nice and brown on top. There isn’t a lot of cheese, but enough to give a fab aroma and crispiness on top.


Source: Adapted from http://www.mydukandiet.com/recipes/dukan-pizza.html


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