Free Dukan Diet Recipes

When you first begin the Dukan Diet thinking of ideas for making your plain old chicken breast exciting can be really difficult. It took me about a week to get into the swing of things and below are some of my favourite Dukan recipes. Enjoy x

PP = Pure Protien,     AT = Attack Phase,      P+V = Protien & Vegetable

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Pepper Steak Sauce PP Herb Omelete PP Oatbran Porridge PP Stuffed chicken breast PP/AT
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Asian Salad P+V Paprika Chicken P+V Chicken Omelete PP Eggs Benedict PP/AT
food food   veggie_omlette 
Meat Balls PP/AT
Dukan Pizza P+V Hollandaise Sauce PP Veggie Omelete P+V
food food Photo Coming Soon   Dukan Cookies
Chicken Muffins PP Pumpkin Soup P+V Vanilla Milk Shake PP Crunchy Oat Cookies PP
Photo Coming Soon   desert   Photo Coming Soon      
Moroccan Chicken PP/AT Meringue Dessert AT/PP  Instant Cheese Cake


Other Meal Ideas:

If you have a great Dukan safe recipe, send it in and I'll add it to this section.

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