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This website is all about the Dukan Diet that is taking Europe by storm. I created this website to compile everything I was learning about the Dukan Diet and to keep a diary of my eating habits and progress (it keeps me motivated and honest). I discovered the Dukan Diet in a friends magazine, and thought it sounded interesting. I had never tried a diet like this before so I thought I would give it a go. My starting weight as of January 2010 was 76.5 kg, the heaviest I have ever been, over the past 6 months I have lost 3 kg through weight watchers online and exercising regularly. I found that Weight Watches had too much variety and left me hungry (mainly because I spent my points allowance on the wrong food). So Dukan appealed because of the 'eat as much protein as you like' approach and strict list of "Allowed" foods. Read on to hear about my experiences on the diet, tips recipe and more! I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment or send me an email :)

UPDATE: 9 feb 2011

I have received a few emails asking how I am doing now, I will write a proper update with photos etc in the next few weeks but for now here's a quick update.  Yes I have maintained my weight loss after finishing the diet back in September. I weighed myself this morning and weigh, 66.6kg a freaky number! I'd like to be 64kg so I'm working towards that at the moment. I have found having 1 pure protein day a week really does keep the weight off! Good luck with your journey!

UPDATE: 17 April 2011

I'm getting married! On valentines weekend this year my partner of 4 years proposed! We are so excited and have set our wedding date for June 2011. I have ordered my dress and am so thankful I have lost that 10kg! I am waiting for the day my dress comes so I can try it on and see if I should stay the same weight or loose that last 2 kg. Having done the Dukan Diet before I know loosing 2kg should be so easy, I just need to focus and do it! Will keep you posted!

Update: 28 December 2011

BAK-187-DNHello Everyone! Life's been great, I've been busy and haven't contributed to the website in a long time. I am so happy to see everyone supporting each other on their quest to better themselves, it's so great. I didn't get to my goal of 60kg (I did slack off the diet, I have no doubt if I didn't get sick I would have reached my goal, the momentum was there. But I made the choice to not continue due to lack of motivation and only myself to blame), I didn't wear a bikini in Thailand, but I do feel confident about how I look, I did have some cute new bathers. I am comfortable and have kept the weight off and have been 66kg for about 1 year. 

I married the love of my life on 12th June 2011, it was a fantastic day and I was so thankful that I had lost weight the year before.  We then traveled around Australia on our Honeymoon for 4 months and I manage to keep the weight off. I am now happy to announce that we are expecting our first child on the 8th July 2012! We are very excited about starting a family. But as anyone with weight issues knows putting on weight is a challenge mentally, I am happy to see my body change and know I have the dukan diet for after when the baby is born to get back into shape, but some days its hard watching the scales go back up to where I was. The health of my baby is number 1 and I can work on my body after bub is safely here. 

Good luck everyone, keep going and I'll update you when I have more news.

x Hayley

Update: 15 September 2012

I safely delivered a baby boy named Harlan on the 17th July 2012. He weighed 6.9pounds and was 51cm long. During my pregnancy I gained 21kg ekk, the good news is I lost 11kg the week following the birth. That leaves me with 10kg still to loose. I'm not quite ready for a diet just yet, but getting back into Zumba is the first step for me. I am loving being a mum and am enjoying my baby boy every day!

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Please note this website is in no way affiliated with the official program or it's Author, this website is to be used as a guide only and the advice of your doctor should always come first. x

My Dukan Progress
Calendar Week 1
scales Starting Weight: 73.5kg
End Weight: 71.4kg
Loss of: -2.1kg
Calendar Week 2

Starting Weight: 71.4kg
End Weight: 70.7kg
Loss of: -0.7kg

Calendar Week 3
scales Starting Weight: 70.7kg
End Weight: 71.2kg
Gain of: +0.5kg
Calendar Week 4

Starting Weight: 71.2kg
End Weight: 69.8kg
Loss of: -1.4kg

Calendar Week 5

Starting Weight: 69.8kg
End Weight: 69.3kg
Loss of: -0.5

Calendar Week 6

Starting Weight: 69.3kg
End Weight: 69kg

Diet on hold due to illness for 5 weeks.

Calendar Week 7 *NEW

Starting Weight: 68.4kg
End Weight: TBA

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Current Weight
Days on the Dukan Diet
Total weight loss
10.1kg since jan
15th Sept 2010

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Day 35 Sunday 25th July

scales Weight: 69.8kg (+0.8kg)
Food Phase: Protien
Entry Well weighed myself today and I've gained .8kg, to be expected, I'm hoping most of it is water weight and it will come down for my monday weigh in. I'm starting to get concerned I will never enjoy real food again, nothing tastes right, I can't stand vegemite anymore which I loved. I am off to an organic health food store tomorrow to get some fresh food, I might do a few days on vegetables and see if I can still loose weight, I'm feeling a bit tired.
Food Diary:
Breakfast: oatbran porridge, coffee, 1 egg, 3 bacon, hollandaise sauce, berrocca
Lunch: butter chicken curry (no butter)
Dinner: Beef steak with pepper sauce
Snacks: yoghurt
Dessert: cheesecake yoghurt
Exercise 20 min Zumba, 1 1/2hrs gardening, book exercises before bed
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